How to buy happiness

Is it important what you spend your money on in terms of your own happiness?

A stunning (and important) piece from Michael Norton at TEDx Cambridge — ‘Can Money Buy Happiness?’ Surprisingly the answer is ‘yes’ but in the most fascinating way. Uncover some great research and enjoy the fun way Michael presents it.



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Join the dots on 350 day 2012 with the Climate Impacts Rally

Extreme weather events are happening with increasing regularity, around the world, however, people often don’t see this connection. On 350 day 2012, May 5, people all over the world will join together and Connect the Dots. Join DRREA in Belgrave for our Climate Impacts Rally.

All  across the world there are more and more extreme weather events happening with increasing regularity, however, as the world is so big, it’s hard for most people to see that all these events are connected. In an effort to highlight this connection this year 350 day 2012 on May 5, people all over the world will join together and Connect the Dots.

In places from drought-stricken Mongolia to flood-stricken Thailand, from fire-ravaged Australia to Himalayan communities threatened by glacial melt, people will hold rallies reminding everyone what has happened in their own neighborhoods.

At each of those rallies, from Kenya to Canada, from Vietnam to Vermont, someone will be holding a…dot. A huge black dot on a white banner, a “dot” of people holding hands, encircling a field where crops have dried up, a dot made of fabric and the picture taken from above — you get the idea. We’ll share those images the world around, to put a human face on climate change–we’ll hold up a mirror to the planet and force people to come face to face with the ravages of climate change.



As part of this day DRREA – Dandenong Ranges Renewable Energy Association will be holding a

‘Climate Impacts rally’

at Belgrave 10-11 am.

Meet outside Ranges Community Health Centre (next to Cameo Theatre).

The focus of rally will be highlighting the link between climate change and  the predicted increase in extreme fire weather days.

Our blunt message will be that climate change equals more Black Saturdays. The incidence of extreme and catastrophic fire weather days is predicted by the IPCC to increase as a result of climate change. We could be next! Increased public awareness of this and other climate impacts is critical to decisive action on climate change. Help bring this message to other hills residents.

BYO climate change=bushfires placards and wear fiery colours (red/orange) Be seen and be heard

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