Attracting Genuine Abundance

The Secret, was an entertaining way to get people familiar with the Law of Attraction. It showed people our powers to create Abundance

The Secret, with its cool special effects and rapid-fire delivery, was an entertaining way to get people familiar with the Law of Attraction. The movie introduced many people from the mainstream to the vast powers we all have to create the life of our dreams. If you want to put those powers to work for you, though, you need to be aware of several crucial factors that go beyond where The Secret left off.

From guiding more than 20,000 people through the practical realities of putting manifestation to work in their lives, I’ve learned some very important Do’s and Don’t’s. There are a few things you can learn in an easeful way that others have had to learn “the hard way.” In particular, people often make two crucial mistakes that cause their manifestation process to go awry. I want to make sure you don’t make those mistakes.

The First Crucial Mistake, And How To Fix It

First, Open Your Heart

Unless you practice the Law of Attraction in a context of appreciation, your results will usually turn out upside-down and backwards from what you consciously intend. For example, if you try to manifest a new Maserati from a space of scarcity or entitlement or “I’ll show everybody how cool I am,” you probably won’t produce a new Maserati. Even if you do, it will come with a ton of scarcity and entitlement in the trunk. Continue reading “Attracting Genuine Abundance”

A Tale of Two Brains

Listen to marriage expert Mark Gungor explaining his view on the differences between men and women’s brains.



This is very entertaining but also appears to relatively accurate.

As with everything the more you understand the more you are able to understand why people react in particular ways. When you understand some of the differences between men and women and how they think and react you will be more likely to understand their reactions.

All features and┬ábehaviours of men’s and women’s brains follow bell curves and there is a percentage of overlap so naturally there are some women who will think and behave more like men and some men that will think and behave more like women so everything is a generalisation, however a bell curve shows the way a majority of people will behave in a certain way.

When you understand that men and women and indeed all people will think in things in different ways then you are more likely to make allowances for people that think differently to yourself. This understanding is what will help you in your relationships, both with members of the opposite sex and those of your own sex.

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Upgrade Your Brain

How would you like access to information that can help you to succeed in every area of your life. Maybe you need to “Upgrade Your Brain”

How would you like access to a variety of information that can help you to succeed in every area of your life from your financial life your personal relationships or your health.

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This will give you the tools then you just need to take the first step and take the action required.


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