Bad things will happen to us all, but we can actually choose to be happy.

What we mean by happiness or subjective wellbeing is people’s evaluations of their life; how they feel about it and how they appraise it. … One way is to just sit back and think about life and wonder is my life as it should be – that is life satisfaction.

Happiness is caused by relationships, goals and habits –and not by lots of money.

Life is, to many people, mysterious and even miraculous. For us all, existence comes to an end proverbially rapidly. En route to death, and perhaps in contemplation of it, many will experience existential angst, cosmic loneliness and a search for meaning. Challenges and difficulties will be encountered by everyone. As former prime minister Julia Gillard remarked to her supporters after being deposed, shit happens.

Linking us all in the face of certain death and inevitable misfortune is the desire, and arguably the need, to be happy. Happiness is a notion we all grasp, but one that can be hard to define. It is a state that can be elusive – and then devilishly difficult to maintain. It is hugely important to the quality of our brief existence, and for many is central to the very purpose and meaning of life. Continue reading “Bad things will happen to us all, but we can actually choose to be happy.”