Inspiring Video – A Must See

What that means is that if you get the
digital or hard-copy access to the
2014 Tapping World Summit today,
100% of your purchase price will go to
The Tapping Solution Foundation until
we reach our goal of raising $75,000.

We have a truly inspiring video to share with you that
we think will open your heart and mind to what’s possible
for you in your own life…

It’s from our friends over at The Tapping Solution.  If
you’ve been following their 6th Annual Tapping World
Summit at all then you likely have found out just how
powerful and effective EFT Tapping is.

Their event, which is a 100% content only event, had
over 525,000 people registered this year.  And boy
did the program deliver!  The presentations by the
speakers were amazing. Continue reading “Inspiring Video – A Must See”

Overcoming self-sabotage

Overcoming self-sabotage is one of the most exciting conversations you will ever have, because on the other side of it is the emotional freedom and depth of joy that you were born to have. And the process of breaking through denial, facing your fear, anger, and other difficult emotions, and making peace with your pain is going to lead – step by step – to an ending of the internal war with yourself so that you can step fully into the greatest expression of yourself. So let’s begin…

Do you make a little progress toward your goals and objectives, only to backslide again into old, non-serving behaviors? Are you perplexed by how frequently you get off track and wonder, out of sheer exasperation, why? If you are not moving steadily in the direction of what you say you want, you can be certain that you are sabotaging yourself somewhere.

Whatever form it takes – whether unhealthy behaviors or limiting thought patterns – self-sabotage always diminishes the passion and energy we need to fulfill our dreams. Continue reading “Overcoming self-sabotage”