Bottle Boat Launch on World Environment Day 2012

to highlight the importance of a Container Deposit Legislation Scheme in Victoria, AFROCAB held a bottle boat launch at AuraVale lake.

To celebrate World Environment day and to highlight the importance of introducing a Container Deposit Legislation Scheme into Victoria, on behalf of AFROCAB, a number of people from Emerald and surrounding suburbs launched a boat made up completely of plastic bottles collected from roadsides and other public places. This was done at Aura-vale lake in Cardinia Dam

The purpose was to highlight the value a Container Deposit Legislation Scheme would have in reducing the large numbers of recyclable bottles and cans that litter our roadsides.

In fact, at the annual Clean Up Australia day, held every year, a large proportion of the waste collected is beverage cans.

Introducing this legislation will have a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to less resources being needed to produce them from scratch.

In south Australia where a similar scheme has been operating for some time Community groups like Scouts receive large amounts of funding by collecting this waste that is otherwise left to destroy our landscapes.

The general consensus of the group was “Just get on and do it”.

For more information on AFROCAB’s work visit their website

Attending the launch were Peter and Marion Cook from DRREA, Lee Fuller from EMFSUS, John and Linda Ballis from Ranges Energy, Rose Ovendon from Em2Gem and Samantha Dunn, Councillor from Yarra Ranges Council.

John and Linda Ballis

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