Coal Power Stations

Surveys by the Australia Institute of Greenhouse Gas Emissions show that Australia has the highest Greenhouse Gas emissions per person in the industrialized world, with Victorians being the worst.

Due to its population, Australia is only the seventh highest of the biggest polluting nations in total, but this is little comfort as it is higher than many other countries with larger populations.  All countries share the responsibility for reducing their greenhouse pollution that affects the whole earth.

Brown coal is the dominant source of electricity in Victoria, and it is also the most greenhouse polluting way to generate electricity. It is this use of brown coal that largely contributes to making Victoria one of the most polluting energy systems in the world.


This dreadful statistic is largely due to the most greenhouse polluting power station in the country, Hazelwood, i

n the Latrobe Valley.

Hazelwood uses old 1950s technology, so it’s long past its use-by date. Other countries in the world have stopped using this outdated technology and as a result there are plenty of spare parts available when Victoria’s polluting power stations break down. This appears to be a bigger concern to the Victorian government than the ongoing pollution caused by allowing Hazelwood to keep operating. To make matters worse, at the time of writing, the Brumby Government is looking at giving Hazelwood approval to expand the life of its Latrobe Valley mine from 2011 to 2031. If approved, this would create up to 214 million tonnes of additional greenhouse pollution.

To put this in context, Victoria’s 5-star energy efficient homes standard is expected to save 200,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases per annum, while just four days of Hazelwood’s operations would cancel that benefit.

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