2 Complimentary Tickets to a LIVE Internet & Cashflow event

Some of the best live events in Australia we’ve found are Stuart Zadel’s Think And Grow Rich Conferences. This year, Stuart’s running a series of Think And Grow Rich Internet and Cashflow Conferences, and we will be crewing at the Melbourne event.

We are really excited to be able to send this email, but before we tell you why we’ve emailed we need you to know how important the information is that we are about to share and therefore have absolutely no hesitation in telling you that you absolutely must take advantage of this!

We have for you, two (2) completely free tickets to come along to a live event in your closest capital city to see 6 of this country’s best Internet and Cashflow experts share everything they know about making money here and now online.

Some of the best live events in Australia we’ve found are Stuart Zadel’s Think And Grow Rich Conferences. This year, Stuart’s running a series of Think And Grow Rich Internet and Cashflow Conferences, and we will be crewing at the Melbourne event.

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At the event you’ll receive one of the very first-ever copies of the brand new book ‘Think And Grow Rich Internet’, that won’t be hitting stores until next year!

I recently spent the weekend crewing at the latest “Think and Grow Rich” event put on by Start Zadel and his team. I would have to say working with this team was extremely rewarding as their integrity and attitude was superior to anything I have seen in the speaking industry.

Although it is a multi-speaker event a large part of the 2 days is presented by Stuart himself and is focused very much on mindset and how this is paramount to any success you will achieve in your life.

All the additional speakers also have a strong ethic of giving back to society, which is of paramount importance if you are to live a happy and balanced life. It is not necessary to give only money, indeed for many it is more practical and rewarding to team up with someone that has money and to give your time and expertise.

I first became involved with the Think and Grow Rich events when I received an email from Paul Blackburn recommending that Stuart Zadel was the only speaker he would be going on stage with in the coming year. As I have done a couple of Paul Blackburn’s events and have a lot of respect for his abilities on working with peoples mindset I thought I should go and see what the event was about.

Earlier on this year I went to the first Think and Grow Rich Cash Flow event in Melbourne. As the weekend approached I was feeling I really couldn’t be bothered going to another event and there were two others on that weekend that were possibly more interesting and not as far to travel to. However keeping in mind Pauls recommendation I thought I would go until morning tea and then move onto another event.

After listening to Stuart for several hours talk on how important mindset is to your success in life I decided to stay until lunchtime. Although what he was saying was nothing new and indeed much of it is covered in our book “The Wheel of Life’s 8 Keys to Success” he presented it in a way that was obviously easy for many people to understand.

When Stuart started talking about his goal to plant $1 million trees in 10 years I knew I had to get involved as this so closely aligned with my goal to revegetate and protect 100 acres of rainforest in 10 years.

This led me to volunteer to crew at his next event in Melbourne which was the Think and Grow Rich in property in May this year. Working on this team over the weekend I was amazed at the total integrity exhibited by all the team members. Everything that was done was done in such a way that maximum benefit was received by the event attendees. Many multi speaker events have a far higher emphasis on making money than on making sure the attendees have the maximum benefit possible.

The next Think and Grow Rich event in Melbourne is Think and Grow Rich Internet and Cashflow in August this year and I will again be crewing at it. It will also be happening in all other capital cities on adjacent weekends. If at all possible I would recommend you attend to experience the energy created and learn some ways to increase your cashflow, which is the most paramount importance if you are to succeed financially in life. I now have some tickets I am entitled to give away for free and if you want a ticket please visit http://www.TGRInternet.com.au/71721

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Then you have to register your free tickets before they sell out in your nearest capital city!

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We can’t wait to hear your feedback once you’ve been to this brand new event so please let us know what you think!

To Your Success

John and Linda Ballis