AdHitProfits earnings this Tuesday were 20%

For those of you in AdHitProfits who know you are making money but not how much we earned 17% on Monday and 20% on Tuesday !

For those of you that are not already in AdHitProfits and those of you that are and know you are making money but not how much we have worked out how much we earned yesterday.

AHP (AdHitProfits) earnings Monday were 17%, Tuesday 20%!

2 WEEKS ago it was taking Ad Shares 24 days to mature, (That’s going from $45 to $56.25)
TODAY they are taking 9 days to mature. Our first 2 packages have already earned 25%. it POSSIBLE they will soon take just 7 days to mature?

IMAGINE earning 25% pure profit in just 7 days.. sure beats all previous programs we have been in up until now.


We haven’t tried to withdraw as we want to get to the stage where we have 20 ad packages expiring a day, but in the Skype room they are saying they are getting their money in minutes from requesting it.


Also AdHitProfits use Ezybonds as a payment processor which is a much cheaper option than either STP or Payza.


If you want to have a look ( and we would suggest it certainly looks like being a good idea) here is our link,

To watch the videos created by our upline, Scott and Alby go to
…so make sure you get going TODAY … and get a head start on everyone else!!






As always don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.




John and Linda




PS. FREEDOM is something most only ever dream about…

…you will be different – cause we are reaching out to help you!




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