Can you get control of your money?

When And How Can You Get Control of Your Money?

If you’re like most people, the idea of getting more control over your money is probably something which sounds pretty good. In fact, you’ve probably already decided that you’re going to get started someday. However, is that someday ever going to come? How much longer are you going to lie awake at night with constant money worries in your head?

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to finally get control of your money, then you might want to hear this…

Why Does Your Financial Life Feel Out of Control?

Stop and think about the reasons you feel that you are out of control in your financial life. Most likely one of the primary reasons is the amount of worrying that you do about money. What is it going to take to rid yourself of this worry? Most of the time, the answer is one of two things:

· More income

· Less Outgo

Yes, income verses outgo is important. In fact, you might have heard that if your outgo exceeds your income that your upkeep will be your downfall. However, there’s a lot more you can do to put an end to your financial worries.

Park Your Worries

Worry is simply rehearsing a future event in your head in order to plan for its possible occurrence.

Nothing wrong with that.

Of course, since it has not yet happened, this event carries a great deal of uncertainty.

Again, perfectly normal.

However, playing that tape over and over and exposing yourself to that feeling of uncertainty will cause it to grow into fear and doubt. Eventually, this fear becomes a tangible feeling in your body which can drain you of your confidence, energy and desire to take action. Also, the more that you worry, the more possible outcomes you’ll imagine which will breed more uncertainty.

As soon as you “park” these thoughts by writing them down, you have less of a reason to go over them again and again. Instead, you’ll be able to focus on how you are going to deal with them. A great place to start is writing down all of your forecasted expenses and earnings for the next few months.

Get a Plan Together

Whether a future event is potentially bad or good, writing it down will force you to take action. Either that, or you’ll get a clear look at how farfetched they are and will instead be able to focus on what realistically could happen. For better or worse, the more certain you are of a future event the more motivated you will be to put a plan into action and to deal with it.

When this plan comes to you, write it down. The plan might be to determine how much you need to set aside every month for an irregular payment that you make every three months. It might even be to start putting away a few dollars just in case there is an emergency in the future. No matter what plan you have, big or small, park it along with your worries and get busy on applying it.

You’ll be amazed at how much of the uncertainty and fear will diminish.

Start Doing Things on Purpose

Uncertainty comes from feeling out of control and when it comes to that, there is one thing that you can begin to do right now to feel that you have greater control over your money.

Spend on purpose.

This means that every time you get paid, you write down how you are going to spend it and be honest with yourself. This even means giving yourself a plan on how you are going to blow a little here and there.

While this may sound counterproductive, once you start spending and even blowing money on purpose you’ll trust yourself a lot more. This is because instead of feeling like acted impulsively you can be confident that you did things just the way that you planned on doing them.

Follow these steps and your sense of control and certainty will increase. This will increase your confidence and greatly decrease your stress and worry, giving you more energy to focus on a plan of action for rebuilding your financial life.

Now get going!

John and Linda Ballis

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