Do You Want to Give A Christmas Gift Which LASTS FOREVER?

With just weeks to go before Christmas, there is that age old

question what do I buy so-and-so for Chrissy??


Well, why not consider a present which is not only beautiful

to look at, feels nice to the touch, but also goes up in value??


Introducing the Karatbars Christmas Gold Cards!



Each card comes embedded with 1 gram of 999.99% Pure Currency grade gold!

—————————— —————————— —————–

With the price of gold tipped to sky-rocket over the next couple of years,

this could be the best gift any of your loved ones have ever received… and GREAT

advertising for your business!! (if you’re on the team)

—————————— —————————— ——————-


Be quick, as your orders must be received before the 9th of December to be

received before Christmas!!


To order simply login to your FREE Karatbars account,

go to “Product Purchase” then go to “Special gold cards”

and then scroll down till you see the Christmas cards….


Share this with all your family and/or team members also…


…and make this a Karatbars Christmas to remember!!


John and Linda


PS. If you are on our team already then you know exactly what to do to get these great cards.


PPS. If you have not joined us yet then you have 2 choices 😉


#1 Go through this and see why this business is THE ANSWER to

the biggest crash coming soon!


#2 Don’t want to get into the business side of things… well then get a free

account and get cards as presents for your loved ones.

John and Linda Ballis


Phone: 0421 355 771

Skype: linda.ballis

Gold is GOLD…!