How the weekend of The Financial Diamond Course changed our life forever

As we move into the New Year it seemed an opportune time to remind everyone of the importance of understanding where you are in your life now, where you want to go and the importance of taking the appropriate steps to get there.


This is a testimonial from one of the participants of our “Your Financial Diamond” course that marries up the 2 important topics of Spiritual and Financial Wealth.

As we move into the New Year it seemed an opportune time to remind everyone of the importance of understanding where you are in your life now, where you want to go and the importance of taking the appropriate steps to get there.

Our next course is being held at Mount Buller in Victoria and our annual summit will be held in Sydney at the beginning of April.

We hope to see you at the extraordinary Mount Buller in the glorious summer time. Starting on Friday February 11 at 7pm we’ll embark, together, on a journey to unravel where you are at in your life, and where you want to go, and build a plan to get you there. Early bird prices are available until January 11 2011.

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John and Linda


This is a critique of the ‘Life of Shiralee Delvizis’ & how the weekend of ‘The Financial Diamond Course’ on 15 & 16th of May 2010 changed

Shiralee Delvizis, John Ballis, John Delvizis
Shiralee Delvizis, John Ballis, John Delvizis

our life, literally forever. So here goes,

Throughout my childhood I was brought up in a very controlled & suppressive household with very little fun times, & an acute case of environmental dyslexia. My family members were never really interested in investing, and they worked from a very large overdraft with no budgeting strategies. Hence, knowing no different, over time living away from my parents I got myself $23,000 in bad debt using, ‘credit’ as a means of existence & of course – excessive emotional spending & lack of financial education.

“I became a very controlling, self absorbed person, blamed others for my misfortunes, dismissed any accountability or responsibility unless it suited me”

Lucky for me, my parents came to the rescue and bailed me out before my credit record was affected. However, instead of buying a new car once I finished my university degree like all my other friends did. I had to pay a bad debt off, with a monthly 7% interest payment added to the total – fantastic! But, let’s face it anyone has their story, don’t they!

So for the past 36 years I had developed all these creative survival tactics to aid my life. I thought I had it all worked out, I had a whole folder full of certificates of achievements…. I became a very controlling, self absorbed person, blamed others for my misfortunes, and dismissed any accountability or responsibility unless it suited me. I would self-sabotage every new or positive adventure that came my way. My house always had to look perfect – so I was a huge clean freak (my poor husband!!), to the point where my friends would say they felt almost uncomfortable sitting down in case they made a mess. I made sure that I was always there for family & friends, listening, giving them advice, trying to solve all their problems. I completed a university degree; I studied a few natural therapies subjects.

I watched far too much television and talked on the phone too excessively. I was being basically a martyr, all to avoid – LIFE… Sound familiar!! Even though deep down I wanted a different life with purpose, I had no tools to change my life path, or destiny. I knew I wanted to be happy & wealthy, and most of all, I wanted to prove to people in my past that I was going to be a conqueror of my destiny. And, enjoy all the spoils that are reaped with that success. Once I left home even though I was away from that environment & exposure, I had without realizing it, evolved into a person who demonstrated all the traits that I despised in people from my past. I swiftly realised that I wasn’t living my life to its full capacity.

“I didn’t realize until the ‘financial diamond course’, that I was still a ‘walking dead person”

However I didn’t realise until the ‘financial diamond course’, that I was still a ‘walking dead person’. I will explain the definition of – a ‘walking dead person’. To me, is someone who is barely living their own life or fulfilling their life purpose, but is really busy cleaning, sorting out other person (s) lives, darting here, darting there – basically avoiding true life responsibilities or general life challenges that if attempted could advance one’s life immensely.


It was a two-day extensive course, covering topics such as:
# a new language, of
# financial budgeting ,
# spiritual awareness – teaching strategies to find your life purpose,
# learning strategies to obtain wealth, to invest wisely.

The Speakers over the two day seminar also explained in detail:
# what is a play fund,
# what are cash generating assets,
# what are speculative assets,
# what are classified as property businesses,
# disability/retirement assets,
# how to categorised- what is saving,
# learning the concept & value of Due Diligence.
# maintaining your wealth not only on a personal level but possibly a global level as well.
# tango’s within interrelationships

This is a list of changes that have occurred in my married life in the last 6 months since the financial diamond course:
1. my husband & I identified & committed to our life purpose plan
2. my Husband & I refinanced our first house on a interest only loan
3. gained a credit line
4. we now associate only with positive liked-minded person (s),
5. eliminated a few toxic person(s) from our sphere, respectfully
6. joined a Financial Hub
7. bought Shares using learnt Due Diligence techniques.
8. bought our first investment property second interest only loan.
9. bought into & aiding in launching a new company ‘WIN’ which is a range of weight loss, well being & endurance health products.

Then the other surprising positive events occurred over the following 6 months post the two-day course were the following:
# we addressed ‘ fear’ & ‘limiting belief patterns’ by meditating using Kelly Howell’s meditating audios
# we both see ‘life coaches’ regularly – to start clearing the baggage
# started Investing in motivating seminars & audio packages (Pat Mesiti, Peter Daniels Senior, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor).
# we commit to 1 Hour of our day which is designated to motivational audios. (It helps keep a positive momentum).
# we started taking on more ‘productive responsibilities’
# we started owning our decisions with confidence
# being more honest & true to each other unconditionally not conditionally
# we addressed our tango’s that were sabotaging each other severely
# we read more books, of relevance & watch less television
# I have reduced my chit chat phone calls in half

Yes, I admit there is a lot of information to digest over the two days. And yes, I too, was challenged on many personal levels (as you can imagine reading my story). However, ask yourself, are you living a balanced life? Do you wake up knowing you are financially secure? Do you have positive like-minded person (s) supporting you in your life?

IF NOT, try this course out and gain a new bag of tools to start building a new improved, solid foundation of financial & personal stability, equity & prosperity.

I feel so fortunate to be exposed to the financial diamond course – It has absolutely changed my married life and my personal life. I am truly free to strive & not feel guilty for my successes. Amen to that!!

Regards – Shiralee Gaye Athena Delvizis

What are YOU going to do to make 2011 your best year yet?

John and Linda Ballis

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