Master the Money Game of Life – Interview with John Ballis

I am passionate about sharing what I learn to uplift and inspire you. Money is often a reason why so many people feel stressed. So I want to get my head around what successful entrepreneurs and millionaires understand and live by.

Master the Money Game of Life

Tracey StrangerI am passionate about sharing what I learn to uplift and inspire you. Money is often a reason why so many people feel stressed. So I want to get my head around what successful entrepreneurs and millionaires understand and live by.

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Week 3 – Tracey Stranger interviews John Ballis Mon 4th October John Ballis

John, Can you please give us a brief summary of your entrepreneurial journey?

I first studied Chemical Engineering and realised this is not really what I wanted to do, so I moved into business. I bought a restaurant, poultry shops then delicatessens, then I went from just one shop to many shops hence built franchise chains with a store in nearly every shopping centre. It kept getting bigger and bigger with a string of retail chains. I was making lots of money but there was something missing. I left all that and went into Alternative Medicine. I studied Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation. Then built the business to multiple areas.

As an entrepreneur you don’t just do one business, you do many. So I went from material to spiritual. What I realised is it is about Balance. Which is why I wrote the book “The Wheel of Life – 8 Keys to Success. A Practical Guide to Creating Balance in all Areas of Your Life”

John, Can you share with us your “self-talk” when it comes to money?

Money isn’t important. Money helps you achieve your goals and passion.

Soul PurposeIt really all came together for me when I realised my Soul Purpose. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goals when you come from your soul, your heart. That’s what gets me out of bed and keeps me going and I am so passionate so nothing stops you.

When I see money I don’t see it as cash. Money is something that can change the world. I ask “How can I flow this river of energy in a direction that my passion lies?”   I just know it’s going to happen, nothing is going to stop me.

John, What is required for “positive cash flow” & financial security?

You need to be educated and do due diligence. Judge where it is in the market. It comes and goes in bubbles.Bubbles

Where are you in the rise and peak of cycles? Use the Financial Diamond. You look at your cash flow and assets in balance. It’s important to have your property assets, speculative assets, disability assets (that are your security when you need that extra money) – have all your assets in balance. Your Diamond gets bigger and bigger.

You build in a balanced way and sustainable way. It’s like a diamond, virtually indestructible. Look at the big picture.

John, how have you achieved abundant wealth & maintain a “positive cash flow?”

There are so many ways to make money. Venture capital to seed capital.

For me it all had to be environmentally stable. There are so many investments out there.

No matter what you are doing, your mindset is so important.

6 Keys to Financial Freedom:

1.         Passionate – you’ve got to really love what you do

2.         Natural Talents – Become aware of what you are naturally good at and are comfortable with

3.         Knowledge – become more knowledgeable in that area

4. Teams  –  “Hunting in Packs” use the talents & resources of a team, someone may be good at negotiating, someone may be good at the details of the deal, someone may be good at creating something new. That is incredibly powerful and beneficial to the whole group. The Key is – You don’t have to do it on your own. Going from an Entrepreneur on my own, we are achieving so much more locally and globally.

5.         Character – your inbuilt skills, your integrity

6.         Purpose – Once you are clear on your purpose, that makes you unstoppable.

John, Have you had Money/Success Mentors and how have they inspired you?

My key mentors have been my patients. The best way to learn is to teach somebody else. It’s not a one-way street – you get so much back. So in one way they are my key mentors.

Petrus Carstens – founder of Ample Wealth we teach the Diamond Course.

Karm Gilespie – amazing who I met when I aligned with my purpose, also with Ample Wealth. Karm Gilespie

I surround myself with these people now.

It’s pointless having all the money in the world, what’s the point if you can’t share with other people.

John, Do you have a significant quote or saying to share that inspires you & may inspire others?

In the back of my book “The Wheel of Life”, every day I live by this quote:

“Strive to live a happy, balanced and harmonious life as our connectedness to all things means all beings will benefit”

John Ballis

Get in touch with your deep passion and live it to the max!

It doesn’t have to be the environment or other people, it can be animals. Whatever gets you going. There is no right or wrong.

A Question from a listener Michael for John:

Petrus CarstensJohn who were some of your mentors or coaches over the years?

Petrus Carsen who encouraged me to stand up and say “John what are you truly passionate about?” He kept prodding me until I got really clear. He poked me enough until I got it.

Richard Branson & Bill Gates I’m sure they have something else that drives them.

Just like Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Ghandi – all had a drive,  a great passion. Nelson Mandela

It’s not what was in their pocket but what they could command. People are aligned with their passion.

These are the people that have inspired me.

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