The DNA You Need

Here is a rare chance to learn from Petrus Carstens, Robert Kiyosaki’s most successful protégé, as he reveals how he went from being a Church Minister to owning a diverse $20M property investment portfolio …in less than 5 years.

Hi, Linda here,

I have some exciting news to share with you regarding my friends at Ample Wealth.  This “unique” group of people are achieving some extraordinary things and I’m sure you will be delighted to connect with them.  I have to declare my bias, I am a member of this group but that also means I can share with you my own personal and real experience with these people. The thing you’ll find most exciting is the global leader of Ample Wealth is a chap called Petrus Carstens and he has a”story” that you absolutely must hear.  He is the world’s leading expert on the concept of Spiritual Power and he marries this with Material Power. You might think that’s obvious for a former minister of religion, but in all seriousness, it has nothing to do with religion. It’s all about finding the spirit inside you that gives you the “drive” to make a difference. .

Karm Gilespie heads up Ample Wealth here in Australia and he too has a fascinating track record with regard his wealth creation and has a great story to share with regard buying $6m of real-estate during the middle of the GFC (among other things).

Petrus and Karm are assembling our global team in Sydney in April for our Annual Global Summit.  Ample Wealth consists of a Private Investor Hub Network and it is a very exclusive and unique system that we operate. Not everyone gets to participate in our Summit, or any of our events for that matter.

Karm has worked very hard here in Australia to ensure the group grows with the values we stand by. I can certainly promise that the integrity of this group stands tall amongst few. As a special treat, given I am a Hub Member,   I have been able to secure 2 x FREE tickets to day one of the Global Summit in Sydney on Friday April 1 on your behalf. Day one is being called The DNA of Wealth Day for reasons that will become obvious.

This day is going to be a day of “Absolute Wisdom” and sharing and I cannot stress enough how valuable it is going to be. My advice is “Drop Everything” and make it happen. If you click on the links below you”ll see why the offer is so exciting.

But it gets even better than that. Karm has been putting together a whole package that includes his new DVD “The DNA of Wealth” and a Webinar with Petrus from South Africa who has the phenomenal acclaim of being Robert Kiyosaki’s most profitable student in the Rich Dad Coaching Program. The point is, there is a lot to learn here so jump on board, read what is to follow and make sure you step up and take the opportunity.

Even if you can’t make it on the day, grab the free on line Training Program and do let me know what you think.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday April 1 in Sydney.

Yours truly


PS. – If you get a chance to upgrade and attend the Whole Ample Wealth Global Summit on April 2 and 3 then make sure you jump at the chance. I know Karm Gilespie promises a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee if you think you wasted your time so there’s nothing to lose and a massive network to gain.

PSS. – The Ample Wealth Summit Harbour Cruise on Saturday night (April 2) is clearly a must for those of us wanting to really “connect”.

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Learn From Robert Kiyosaki’s Most Successful Investment Protégé

If you are into wealth creation then no doubt you have read the well-known Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Well here is a rare chance to learn from Petrus Carstens, Robert Kiyosaki’s most successful protégé, as he reveals how he went from being a Church Minister to owning a diverse $20M property investment portfolio …in less than 5 years.

Online Video Training and Webinar: During the powerful video training and webinar you will begin to gain mastery over the fundamentals of the DNA of Wealth and work on expanding your inner world which will in turn be reflected in your outer financial world. The truth is that everyone has the DNA of Wealth and abundance inside them. The problem is that most people have never activated, or switched on their wealth DNA. This can lead to problems for investors!

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Sydney, Friday April 1, 2011

Ample Wealth Global World Mastermind Team

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