The Butterfly Effect shows “How Your Life Matters”

The Butterfly Effect shows how your everyday actions can make a difference for generations to come.



Every day mentors offer time and talent to encourage and make a positive difference in the lives of others.  These efforts create a ripple effect.  This ripple effect is what best selling author and speaker Andy Andrews shares in his Simple Truths book and movie, The Butterfly Effect.  Share The Butterfly Effect, How Your Life Matters, movie today to thank a mentor and possibly encourage others to become mentors.

The Butterfly Effect is one of those stories that remind each of us how our life matters and how our actions and words have a ripple effect on family, friends, and all those around us.  Enjoy the 3 minute movie about making a difference!


John and Linda Ballis

So enjoy yourself. Get motivated to change and make your life more balanced.

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