How Can I Exercise When I feel so Tired?

If you’re interested in losing weight or just getting into better shape, you’re probably aware of the fact that you need to start doing some exercise. However, you might have tried getting up in the morning but felt so tired that you made the common plea “My body needs sleep more than it needs the exercise.”

So you put it off until the night time…but by then you’re so tired that you’re back to committing to it the next morning instead. So what is the solution? Cramming it into your busy afternoon?

You know that you need to get started. But how can you when you just don’t have the energy? If you are curious about this, and looking for the cure to the cycle of procrastination then the following strategy is just what you need….

Step #1: Facing the Real Issue Honestly

While lack of energy or a need to sleep might seem like a reason to put off exercising, these are actually the reasons to start. A body which is active has a higher metabolism and a lot easier time getting out of bed in the morning. So if you’re having a hard time waking up, it’s not because you need more sleep. It’s because your body is out of shape and thus takes a lot longer to get up and get going.

Also, a body which is more active loses much less energy as the day wears on. This means that having less energy at the end of the day is a symptom of not exercising and something which can be easily cured. As soon as you accept these facts, you’ll be all out of excuses to procrastinate. Then you’ll be left with a choice…

Step #2: Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

You might have heard that no one is going to get out of life alive. You see, we’re all getting progressively older and there is nothing that can be done to stop that. However, there is something which can be done to slow it down.…a lot.

That one thing is exercise, and each moment that you let go by without getting started is another credit to the aging of your body. As harsh as this might sound, accepting the tough love message behind it will empower you to move on to step three….

Step #3: Start Small and Think Big

Too many times when people get started exercising they hit the ground running full blast with a six day a week 30 minute cardio commitment and three day a week strength training workout that would make Mr. Olympia do a double take.

Starting small and building up momentum slowly is a lot better way to get the ball rolling. For example, start as small as possible and work your way up one baby step at a time. If you’re jogging, jog to your mailbox and walk back, then jog both ways the next day. Then, jog to the end of your block and walk back.

A week later, jog both ways. Continue to add and to build until you get to a lap around your block, then go for two. Make sure that the entire time you are working towards a long term goal which you set in the beginning. For instance, your beginning goal might be four total trips around your block or 30 minutes straight.

Starting small and slowly adding steps is great for two reasons:

· Your confidence=Every time you reach a new level you’ll feel better and more empowered to continue.

· Your Safety=It will give your body time to adjust and your energy level time to increase and come to your aid in getting your motivated.

Step #4: Celebrate Your Successes

Most of us are great at punishing ourselves when we mess up but not so great at celebrating our successes. As you’re moving towards your long term goal, set smaller landmarks for yourself and determine ahead of time how you are going to celebrate them.

A great way to do this is to buy yourself a new workout CD or a few tunes for your ipod. This will give you a fresh source of inspiration and is certainly better than celebrating by pigging out or doing something else which might be counterproductive.

So now you’re out of excuses and you have a plan and a reason to get started.

Now get busy living!

John and Linda Ballis

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