What Impact Would a Day of Rest Have On Your Health

What Impact Would a Day of Rest Have On Your Health?

Many cultures and traditions throughout history have advocated the practice of a day of rest or even a time period of rest. But did it ever occur to you that some of these traditions might have been based on natural principles and that they were given for the sake of preserving the health of the people? We already know that many of the ancient traditions regarding eating habits have been found to be based on factual evidence that some of the forbidden foods were dangerous to the people’s physical well-being. However, when it comes to mastering your personal health, taking a day of rest also has a very practical application.

The Principle behind Recreation

According to the custom of the taking a day of rest from physical activity, many cultures and traditions have very specific guidelines about what should and should not be done on such days. However, throughout history such traditions have also applied this principle of recreation to the manner in which the people were to cultivate their land. According to the customs, the land was to be given a time of rest so that it could rejuvenate itself and be better prepared for the harvesting of crops. In fact, according to some of the ancient writings, when the land was not allowed this time of “rest” it would become hard, dry and almost completely infertile. In other words, the tradition was actually created for the sake of preserving the “production capability” of the land.

Production capability is a term which Dr. Stephen Covey uses to describe the capability of a specific resource to produce results again and again and again. In other words, the production capability of piece of land is its capability to produce crops season after season. In the same way, human beings might have the capability of achieving an abundance of results such as earning money, building relationships and engaging in physical exercise. However, the capability to continually produce these results is dependent on how well a person cares for their physical, mental and emotional health in order to preserve their production capability.

Taking Your Own Recreation Time

The attempt to continue to produce results without caring for production capability is like driving a car for years and years without performing proper maintenance procedures such as changing the fluids or rotating the tires. Eventually, the car is going to reach a threshold and break down because its production capability was not cared for and maintained properly. The same can happen if you push yourself to go and go and go without devoting yourself to cultivating proper life balance and taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health. In fact, if you think about the word recreation you actually have a conjunction of the words re-create.

The purpose of recreational time is to allow the human body and mind an opportunity to rest and to recuperate from the activities of the week. If you continue to push yourself to produce results without taking this time for recreation, you will burn out your production capability and eventually you will notice a decrease in your ability to produce positive results. In other words, when it comes to maximizing the potential of your body and mind, sometimes the best way to speed up is to slow down.

Recreation and Your Health

Another one of the key benefits to taking a recreational day, at least once a week is that it gives you a chance to unwind and to decompress. Medical research continues to bring forth compelling evidence that a great deal of physical illnesses are directly related to the amount of stress that your body is under. While stress may not directly cause illness within the body, it diminishes the strength of your immune system significantly and therefore leaves an open door to all kinds of physical illnesses. If you want to take better care of your body, the principle behind planned recreation time is not something which you can afford to ignore.

Are you having a day of rest?

John and Linda Ballis

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