Who is REALLY Looking Out For Your Well Being?

The Inside Scoop on Healthy Living

If you are someone who is interested in taking great care of your body by living and eating healthy foods, you’re probably wondering where you can get the information which will help you. After all, even educated doctors are promoting their own branded labels these days and some food companies are using the whole “go green” thing as a marketing strategy to promote foods which really aren’t much different than the conventional options. Who can you trust to have your best interest in mind when it comes to healthy living? If you are concerned about this and looking for a source of information that you can trust, the answer might be a lot closer than you realize…

The One Person You Can Trust More Than Anyone

The first thing to realize about the conflicts of interest in those promoting their own health products is that this is really not a new issue. In fact, there was a Hieroglyph once found in and ancient Egyptian tomb which reads:

“One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive, three quarters of what you eat keeps your doctor alive.”

Now this demonstrates that if things have not changed in thousands of years that they are certainly not going to change any time soon. While you certainly don’t want to turn into a conspiracy theorist who trusts no one, it is a good idea to put the majority of your faith in the one person who you will always be able to trust to have your best interest in mind: yourself.

But what if you are not a medical doctor or a nutritional expert? You still have to be able to depend on someone to provide you with the knowledge and instruction about what constitutes healthy living and eating right? Well, think about this: even if you were an expert, how could you know that the institution from which you received your education was giving you the accurate information?

Believe it or not there actually is one irrefutable source from which you can draw all the information and feedback that you need about healthy living.

Your Amazing Biological Feedback System

Most people are completely unaware of the level of intelligence which is contained within the cells of their body. In her breakthrough book “Your Body is Your Subconscious Mind” Dr. Candice Pert speaks of the high concentrations of neurotransmitters (found in the brain and used for thinking) which have been found within the human body. This is evidence of what modern alternative medicine experts are beginning to refer to as your “physical intelligence.”

In other words, your body is an intelligent organ which is capable of providing you with feedback when things are not quite right in your physical health. The difference is that instead of communicating with you in words, your body communicates to you in feelings. For example, you get a headache when you are under too much stress or a stomach ache when you eat something which is potentially harmful to your physical well being. These symptoms are your body’s way of providing feedback about the specific healthy habits which you are practicing.

Learning to pay attention to what your body is communicating to you is the most fool proof way to determine what eating and activity habits are the most effective and which are harmful. For example, if you’re low on energy, your body is telling you that you need more daily exercise in order to boost your metabolism. If you find that your thinking is clouded and that you are under too much stress, that’s your body telling you that it’s time to slow down and take some time for recreation.

Learning to depend on this amazing Biological feedback system will help you to learn what health habits are helping you and which ones are not.

Beyond Physical Health: Finding the Balance

The above examples begin to point to one irrefutable truth about healthy living: there is more to it than just the way that you eat and how much you exercise. Life balance is also an essential piece of the puzzle, and if you have the other areas of your life in order: wealth, relationships, career, recreational lifestyle etc., you can be assured that your physical health will benefit greatly.

Who is REALLY Looking Out For Your Well-Being?
Saturday, 26 December 2009