How do I keep balance in my life?

How do I achieve Life Balance?

This is one of the most often questions that we get asked. How do I achieve life balance and keep everything running smoothly when the universe appears to conspire with day to day life to make everything as difficult as possible?

One of the most important things to do is to look after yourself first and concentrate on all the little things. If you concentrate on doing little things, one at a time you will find that all the little things add up to become one big whole and your life is becoming more balanced without you even realising it.

If you think I have to do this and this and that you can make the list of things to do so big that all the tasks will appear to be insurmountable and as a result you will not do anything. At the same time if you concentrate on one or two new things at a time then move onto something else you will achieve progress and will not become overwhelmed. Your life will become more balanced over time without you even noticing.

If your health is one area you need to work on one little thing you can do is make sure you have a good healthy breakfast. This will mean you are looking after yourself by getting a good start to the day. You will feel healthier and more energetic and after a few weeks this will become your new habit and will become the norm.

It is a documented fact that if you do the same thing every day it will become a habit and in fact it is as easy to create good habits as it is to create bad habits you just need to do it a little bit at a time.

Once you are in the habit of eating a healthy breakfast you can move onto lunch and concentrate on this until eating a healthy lunch becomes the norm. You will find that after some time, by concentrating on little things, one at a time you can move from an unhealthy diet to having a healthy diet at most meals of the week and by looking after yourself this way you will feel more energetic and balanced.

Another of the little things you can do, if your finances are out of control, is to tackle the problem a little bit at a time. First of all make sure you know where you stand financially by completing the exercises in “The Wheel of Life’s 8 Keys to Success” in Chapter 6: Wealth and finances.

Start by looking at your credit cards and getting them under control. Once you have your credit cards paid off, turn you attention to other personal loans, then eventually to your housing loan. Again, by starting with little things, and taking one step at a time you will you will eventually be able to take control of a situation that can seem too daunting to tackle.

In regards to the environment, again look after the little things and change your life one step at a time. Make sure you understand what you can recycle and make a habit of recycling as much as you can. We have a rubbish bin under our sink for recyclables as well as one for compost and one for normal rubbish. This encourages everybody to be conscious of sorting the rubbish.

It isn’t critical for you to believe that everything you recycle gets reused properly. It is just as important for your mind-set to be aware of the need to deal with excess packaging in a responsible manner. When recycling everything becomes the norm for you then when you go to the supermarket you will be more aware of how goods are sold and hopefully will make more of an effort to buy products that have less packaging.

Again by looking after things a little bit at a time all the little bits of effort will add up and after a while you will be able to look back and see what a massive amount of change you have made and how much more balanced your life will have become by just looking after things a little bit at a time. As your life becomes more balanced and you are looking after yourself more, you will be more able to handle everything life throws at you.

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John and Linda Ballis

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