Can You Really Profit from Pursuing Your Passion?

Ever wonder how much different your life might be if you could make money doing something that you truly loved? For many people, this might sound like a pipedream and it might even be easy to assume that making a living from pursuing their passion is reserved for a select few people. These select people are often regarded as “lucky” or even considered to have had some kind of favourable upbringing. So is there any kind of a hope for the “average” person to realize this kind of dream?

If you’re curious about this, you might be glad to find that the reasons most people aren’t making a profit with their passion is that they neglect of a few simple principles…

Reason #1: Accepting Defeat Before Even Making an Attempt

The first reason many people are not working to make their passion into their full time career is they simply accept it as being impossible for them. For instance, the aspiring writer, doctor, musician, actor or other kind of enthusiast might often have people say to them:

“Did you know that for every one _____that “Makes it” there are one thousand others who don’t?”

While such a statistic can be intimidating, it is important to remember that the difference between the one winner and the others who fail is that the winners never think about the other thousands who don’t make it. All that they are concerned about is what it takes to get what they want….thus enters the second principle for turning your passion into a profit.

Reason #2: Failing to Make Contribution Part of the Goal

The second roadblock to people pursuing their passion as a career is that they forget to make contribution a part of their primary goal. This is the big Kahuna of roadblocks when it comes to building a business or personal enterprise of any kind. Napoleon Hill, the bestselling author of “Think and Grow Rich” often reminded his students that there is no such thing as something for nothing.

What Napoleon Hill was emphasizing here is a simple principle which is commonly neglected by aspiring entrepreneurs. That principle is that in order to receive compensation for something, you must focus first on giving something which adds value to others.

Too many people make it their primary goal to earn compensation for themselves, without understanding the importance of giving something to add value to the lives of other people. Making this one distinction can set anyone head and shoulders above the competition. As James Cash Penny once said:

“The merchant who devotes himself to the service of the public has nothing to fear from the competition.”

Reason #3: Misunderstanding of Benefits

The third roadblock to people pursuing their passion as a career is that they don’t fully understand the benefits. In other words, the financial price tag verses the financial compensation is all that they consider. However, doing what you love for a living can also eliminate a great deal of unhappiness from your life and add a tremendous sense of purpose and significance. While these two benefits may seem intangible, they can actually help you in several ways:

· Less money spent on “stuff” in order to compensate for the missing sense of purpose in your life.

· A greater sense of peace which will impact your health in such a way that expensive health problems due to stress will be much less common in the long run.

· A greater passion for what you do will drive you to work harder and with greater enthusiasm which could easily result in increased earning power.

Considering these benefits, along with the fact that most people never turn their passion into their career because they simply never make an attempt ought to be encouraging to you. Begin your plan today, make sure that you make contribution a part of your goal and get busy.

You’ll be so glad that you did.

John and Linda Ballis

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