How your earliest money beliefs and family loyalty affect your income.

Most of us are aware that most of our subconscious programming is imprinted into our minds before the age of 7. Is this why you are having difficulty managing your money today?

Most of us are aware that most of our subconscious programming is imprinted into our minds before the age of 7. Before this age our minds exist mainly in a theta or delta state and are very susceptible to the inputs from our surroundings. Although we may not consciously remember that time, chances are high, (unless you have done a lot of work to change them) that any money beliefs you have picked up before the age of 7 are currently running how you live your life now.

If you come from a household where money was not in plentiful supply you may have been surrounded by the energy from your parents that was saying; “money is stressful”, “there is never enough money”, “you have to work hard to earn enough money to get by”. Your parents may not have said these things to you but there energy vibrations that these feelings evoked would have been there and you would have picked them up, particularly if you were susceptible to energies.

Along with these money beliefs most people pick up and relate to the general underlying philosophy of the family and its wealth standards. Of course there are always people who choose to move out of this paradigm and create a new one but generally this has to be done with a very conscious effort.

If you are a first born you also have a very strong likelihood of picking up your fathers beliefs about money as opposed to anyone else in the family.

If you are now struggling with your finances and maybe are struggling to make ends meet then this early programming may, in fact be the real reason behind this rather than anything you are actually doing, or not doing today. These internal blockages may actually be limiting your ability to attract and hold onto wealth. You may need to clear some of these internal blockages to wealth before you can actually move forward to where you want to be financially.

You may be very surprised to learn that very early on in your life you have actually taken unconscious “Negative Vows” against money, wealth or success. As all your thoughts and beliefs are actually stored as energy in your body these unconscious “vows” may actually be stored as energy in your mind/body system and may be actually affecting your current success.

One of the ways that you can release these unconscious beliefs or negative vows is with “tapping” or “EFT – Emotional Freedom technique”. Following is an exercise you can do to help yourself work through this process.

Close your eyes and bring up a picture of yourself at the age of about 6 or 7 years old and have your parents in the picture talking about handling money or bills. The discussion doesn’t have to involve you but just by witnessing it you will pick up the energy that is involved in the discussion and will be downloading it and imprinting it into your own psyche.

What are the feelings and emotions that are floating around about the bills and family finances?

You will probably find that there is a lot of anxiety, fear, anger, sadness and general feelings of scarcity and worries about there never being enough. In this picture how do you feel about the situation? These feelings that you pick up will actually be critical to your financial success levels today. These are the basic set of early beliefs that you have picked up from your family about money.

Now think of your situation today and compare how your current situation matches with the feelings and emotions in the picture you have just had in your head.

How well does your current financial picture match your family’s money belief structure?

How do the 2 pictures compare in terms of your current wealth situation in regards to working hard, money scarcity and having to struggle? Most likely you will actually see that both your picture from the age of 6 or 7 and your picture of today are a very close match in terms of how you feel about and relate to money.

Unconsciously, you will have created a vow that says “I must be loyal to my family’s money beliefs” and you will be unconsciously limiting yourself to where your family sits with money and you will not let yourself surpass this.

Consciously you may actually hold the belief that you are not going to stay at that money level and will be actively working towards improving your situation. However because your subconscious programming is more powerful that your conscious programming you will find a way to sabotage yourself and bring yourself back to your family’s money comfort levels.

This is why so many people appear to relive the same scenario over and over again just with different players or situations. They haven’t cleared the underlying subconscious programming that is ruling their actions. This actually shows you are very powerful in manifesting what you want. You just need to convince your subconscious mind to want the same thing that your conscious mind wants.

To move on you need to reduce the intensity around your original programming and also sever the link to your family’s money comfort levels. One of the ways you can do this is with tapping or EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique.

If you have never done tapping before please refer to for a picture and video of the points.

Here is a tapping script that you can use to work on the scenario above. Tune back in to the feelings involved. For those familiar with tapping we aren’t using the setup statement and karate chop point as we have already tuned into the picture.

Round 1

Eyebrow point: There they are, my parents
Outside eye: So much stress about money
Under eye: So much anxiety about money
Under nose: Frustration and struggles about money
Under chin: There just wasn’t enough
Collar bone: They struggled and worked hard for money
Top of head: And it never really showed up for them.


Eyebrow point: Not quite enough money
Outside eye: There was anger and sadness about money
Under eye: So much disempowerment around money
Under nose: So much struggle
Under chin: Scarcity was real
Collar bone: And I lived it
Top of head: Arguing and worry about money


Eyebrow point: Sadness, disempowerment, stress and fear
Outside eye: Anger and frustration
Under eye: Money did not feel like a friend
Under nose: And I was there and I felt it
Under chin: Downloading all of those beliefs about money
Collar bone: All of those feelings about money
Top of head: I felt it too


Eyebrow point: I totally honour my family’s money picture
Outside eye: I see where I got this programming
Under eye: Because in many ways I am reliving it
Under nose: I’ve manifested aspects of this picture
Under chin: But it was never my choice
Collar bone: This was programmed into me, I see it now
Top of head: I am just going to honour it, I honour my parents, my family and everything we went through


You may want to re-tap through that round again


Karate chop point: Even though my family struggled with money
Somehow there was never enough
There was a lot of disempowerment around money
I’m just going to honour all my feelings about it
Even though I’m seeing my earliest money beliefs
And it is eye opening
I am totally open to letting these beliefs go.
I know I made a vow to be loyal to my family’s money comfort levels
And I’m so open to healing it
Even though I see now that I have lived my life and manifested my wealth levels
Both loyal to and trying to never be like my family’s money comfort levels
I honour how I’ve recreated that
I am a powerful manifestor
And I have manifested from this vow
I am so open to healing this in my life

Eyebrow point: I am so ready to let this go
Outside eye: There is so much money and pain attached to this
Under eye: Because I did pay the price as a child
Under nose: I never really asked for this programming
Under chin: It was downloaded into me
Collar bone: So I am making a choice to let it go
Top of head: I am open to releasing this vow


Eyebrow point: And this attachment to my family’s money comfort levels
Outside eye: About money, abundance, scarcity, struggle
Under eye: Releasing it now.
Under nose: And I now get to choose
Under chin: I want to choose my own beliefs about money
Collar bone: I believe in abundance
Top of head: I believe money should show up easily


Eyebrow point: I choose to be wealthy and abundant
Outside eye: There’s a million ways I can triple my income
Under eye: Doing what I love
Under nose: There’s a great belief that I really want to have
Under chin: I am open to letting go of my family’s money comfort levels vow
Collar bone: It was my family’s way
Under arm: And I get to choose my own way
Top of head: I am stepping into the first level of wealth manifestation


Eyebrow point: I now choose
Outside eye: A whole new paradigm about money
Under eye: A million dollar paradigm
Under nose: An abundant paradigm
Under chin: A beautiful, loving giving paradigm
Collar bone: One that I choose
Under arm: There’s a million ways money can align up for me
Top of head: And I’m open to all of them


Take a nice deep cleansing breath to cement your new vibration.

Now have a thought of how you want your life to look in the future.
Adapted from the work of Margaret Lynch


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