Where are you now?

It is important to regularly stop and spend ½ a day or even a full day, away from distractions to take a stock-take of your life and work out ‘where you are’ in your life and “where you want to go” in your life.

It is important to regularly stop and spend ½ a day or even a full day, away from distractions to take a stock-take of your life and work out ‘where you are’ in your life and “where you want to go” in your life. Although many people stop and make New Year resolutions, it is not necessary to do this once a year on New Year’s Eve. It can be done anytime and it is beneficial to do it a couple of times a year.


It is like trying to drive from one point to another along a route that you have never traveled before. The first thing most people do is consult a map to work out where they want to go and the fastest and most efficient way to get there. Living your life in a deliberate way and achieving your goals is exactly the same. When you have a map, you are much more likely to get to where you want to go and to do this you need to know where you are now.


Failure rate of NYE goals with no plan

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, because it is expected, and as a result, their resolutions are rarely clearly thought out and therefore rarely kept. Many experts put this figure as high as 90-95%.


  • 30% will have given up within 2 weeks
  • 20% will give up within the 2nd 2 weeks
  • 10% will give up within the 3rd  2 weeks
  • 30-35% will give up over the next couple of months


It is not that people don’t want to make the changes it is just that the number of people that can make lasting changes to their habits without a clearly defined plan are few. Setting goals is very easy but sticking to these goals long term takes effort and a plan.


Good habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits, on the other hand, are easy to form but hard to live with. Brian Tracy.

According to Brian Tracy in his book “Change your thinking, change your life”, fully 95% of everything you do throughout your day is based on habit. He also says:

“A habit is defined as a conditioned response to stimuli… it is an automatic way of responding or reacting in any given situation. Successful people are those who have formed the habits of success. Successful people form good habits and ensure these habits govern their behaviour. Unsuccessful people allow bad habits to form which then lead to frustration and failure.”


If you want to make lasting changes in your life, you need to persevere long enough for good habits to push out the bad habits. It is documented that it takes at least 21 days of consistent effort for a new habit to be formed and to start to be consolidated.


Be grateful for what you have

Spend some time every day concentrating on what you are grateful for. When you are constantly grateful, it is not so easy to feel sorry for yourself when things go wrong. Also when you are aware of the need to be grateful you will tend to see the positive aspects of difficulties when they arise.


When you focus on the good things in your life you will attract more of these positive things into your life as what you spend your time thinking of is what you will focus your time on. When you are thinking about good things this is what you will bring into your life and those around you.


Work together

Just as it is important to sit down and work out where you are now and where you want to go in the future, it is important to also do this with your partner and other members of your family.


Often you find different members of one family putting their energies in opposing directions and their efforts will cancel each other out. If you find you are working in a different direction to your partner sit down and discuss how you can work together and meet both of your needs. If one of you feels the need to spend more time working and/or the need to improve the family financial situation and the other one feels the need to spend more time together as a couple or individually just relaxing and having fun, it is important to work on how both people’s needs can be met.


Keep in mind it might not be the person that is doing the most work that is the one that feels the need to work harder to improve the family financial situation and vice versa the person wanting to spend more time relaxing may not be the person working the hardest.


Unless you stop and take the time to take a stock-take of your life, it is sometimes difficult to understand where different family members are in their efforts to balance their lives. This is where it is a good idea for all members of a family group to complete their own individual “Value Wheels of life” to see what each of them need to do to improve their individual life balance and to improve the family’s life balance as a whole.


You can access more information on individual Value Wheels and complete your own online Value Wheel at http://wheeloflifebook.com/Interactive-Wheel.php

Past year achievements

We have also attached to this lesson a worksheet where you can fill in your own answers and work out your own achievements over the past year.

It can be downloaded at Where are you now worksheet with Wheel of Life Book

What have been your greatest achievements in the past year?

What made you feel special and powerful?


What did you do in the last year that you would like to duplicate and expand on this year? Think of your successes.


What did you do in the last year that you don’t want to repeat?

Think of your challenges.


What did you learn in the past year?

Why was this learning valuable to you?


What decisions did you make in the last year that affected your life?

Think of both positive and negative decisions.


Answer each of these questions for each of the areas of your own “Value Wheel of Life” if possible to get a complete picture of where you are in your life.


If you keep a diary, go back through it and look at what you did. You will be surprised at how many memories are brought back, even if your diary only includes meetings and events attended.


Try to include at least one achievement for each month. Remember these don’t need to be world changing achievements.


  • Maybe you went on a holiday that involved a lot of family bonding
  • Maybe your children achieved something special
  • Maybe you started a new business
  • Maybe you achieved a specific landmark or sales target in your job/business
  • Maybe you attended an environmental event or tree planting
  • Maybe you attended a course or seminar

Current financial situation

Finances are a specific area that require an amount of work in order to work out clearly where you are in your life currently. It is critical that you do this, so that you have a clear picture of where you need to go. It is particularly important for you to get your càshflow working so that you have enough money flow to meet your needs.

We have previously given you information on completing and using your own money tracker and we hope that you have input your own figures into it. Remember, if you wish to take control of your finances then this understanding is a critical first step. It is only when you understand what your current financial situation is and you have an understanding of where your money goes that you will be able to move forward successfully in your life. If you would like more information on this please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you recognise that the first step in getting control of your finances is to improve your càshflow please visit our càshflow website at http://freedomwithcashflow.com/. We have a number of càshflow opportunities available here and if you would like to contact us and discuss any of them please do not hesitate to do so. Each of these opportunities is different and appeals to different people so don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries at cashflowlb2012@gmail.com.


John and Linda Ballis

So enjoy yourself. Get motivated to change and make your life more balanced.

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