Womens Work and Tending the Hearth

In our modern world the term “women’s work” is not looked upon as being a valuable career choice. Doing all the domestic chores that have historically been associated with women such as cooking, cleaning the home and raising children has become something that is no longer respected for the valuable job that it is.

Whenever a person feels obliged to perform only certain kinds of work in a society, there is a need to break free from that work in order feel like you have personal power. However, if you choose to do “women’s work” because that is what you enjoy and you can see the value in it, there is nothing degrading about it. There is a great power to it, and it can be truly meaningful and fulfilling because, after all, the home is the foundation of security for all who live in it. The importance of tending the hearth that nurtures all who live in the home cannot be overstated. As well as creating a healthy, functioning home, women’s work can give you personal satisfaction and allow you to let your creative talents expand. The more we are aware of the significance of home building, the more fulfilling it will be to those who do the work and those who benefit from it. Sitting down as a family to a healthy and delicious meal can empower all family members on many different levels. Crisp clean, sheets on a bed and a comfortable bedroom can help us to get good nights sleep. For many of us these clean sheets bring back memories of childhood and this inspires a sense of safety and trust.

Never underestimate the power behind doing “Women’s work” as it can affect us on many levels, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our health rests upon the smooth functioning of our homes.

Although, so-called women’s work, is still largely done by women, nowadays it can also be performed by husbands or fathers and you can even pay others to do it. It doesn’t matter who performs these tasks, it is important we express our gratitude to receiving these treasures of a happy, healthy home as it reminds us of the profound value of what is traditionally known as women’s work. The more everyone acknowledges the tremendous importance of home-making, the more anyone is able to do it with a sense of pride, without feeling that the effort it involves is any less significant or meaningful than working outside the home for an income — on the contrary, having a happy, healthy home is what makes all other work possible.

You could add to this the importance of bringing up children. Too many people today, male and female have children then farm them out to day care and wonder, in 15 years time why they are not connecting with their teenagers.

Having the courage to stay at home and see the value in caring for a house and spending time interacting with your children can be an extremely satisfying job, if it is looked on as such.

If you look after a house and children as your full-time job it is imperative that you see it for the powerful position it is and not feel like you are missing out on life.

Remember how you see everything in life is a matter of perception and if you can change your perception of your life anything you do can make you truly happy.

Being a homemaker is a position that can build good family relationships through constant interactions (not just when you are tired at the end of the day). You may not see the importance now but you will definitely see it in years to come when your children are teenagers and you have allready cemented a relationship that gives time to each other.

Too many people are busy working when their children are little and then wonder why their children are too busy for them when they grow up. Children, and partners from a healthy relationship would far rather have time spent with them than have money spent on them.

Again working in the home can build excellent health through having the time to cook good healthy foods, and teach children how to do this and the importance of healthy eating.

Having time can let you work in the garden and help the environment, again this can tech your children the importance at an early age as they help you. So what if a few plants get pulled out with the weeds, in the scheme of things the value of the interactions outweighs any mistakes.

The importance is to recognise home building and child rearing as a career path and one that has true value far outweighing the earning of money.

What are you doing today to recognise this valuable career?

John and Linda Ballis

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