100 Ideas for a Sustainable Lifestyle

There are so many great ways to contribute to a healthy planet. Some steps are larger than others; some are quick and some eco-friendly ideas take substantial planning. We’ll eventually talk about all these ideas at length but just to get you thinking here are 100 various ideas that can help your family go green.

  1. Buy less stuff.
  2. Change incandescent light globes to energy efficient ones.
  3. Visit the library instead of buying books.
  4. Borrow from DVD stores instead of buying DVDs.
  5. Buy in bulk – but not if you end up wasting food – it defeats the whole purpose of being sustainable.
  6. Grow herbs in an egg carton, or another recycled container.
  7. Start a compost bin for kitchen scraps & garden waste (no dairy, meat or fish scraps).
  8. Hand children’s clothes onto family or friends with younger children.
  9. Eat vegetarian – start with one meal per week.  Expand your cooking skills by visiting the library and borrow a vegetarian cookbook – you’ll be surprised at the variety of meals on offer. Continue reading “100 Ideas for a Sustainable Lifestyle”