Another World Emerging? Well, Maybe.

Great article that highlights that economic issues need to be dealt with as one part of the complex number of problems facing the world today. Too often people that recognise the

importance of dealing with climate change, peak oil etc. and their flow on effects ignore the importance of the economic fallout that is imminent and the need to change cultures to deal with all these issues concurrently. It is critical to recognise the interconnectedness of all parts of our various cultures before we can come up with a solution that will nourish the whole and keep the whole system functional.
People need to have their own needs economic and social needs met before they will feel they have extra energy to tackle wider issues but these needs can be met in any variety of ways and it is important to be able to think laterally and be open to developing solutions that may not have been looked at before.


Gar Alperovitz writes extensively about deep economic changes slowly taking place across the country, region by region. He is one of many doing this here and abroad, such as: Marjorie Kelly, Massimo DeAngelis, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Ethan Miller, Ana Margarida Esteves, and scores of others. This shared vision of abundance and solidarity at the core of these emerging local and regional dynamics will probably take about a generation to root firmly, if it does. In three or four generations these changes could possibly become a substantial part of the political economics in the US. Possibly.

These thinkers and observers are not envisioning a significant increase in “jobs,” even good ones. Rather, they are envisioning a new kind of economics that fosters cooperation, abundance, and solidarity on a broad scale. That fosters a lot of caring rather than a lot of gouging or co-opting. That is grounded in ordinary people developing a rainforest of opportunity and relationship as a replacement to the scorched earth dynamics of neoliberalism. Continue reading “Another World Emerging? Well, Maybe.”