11-Year-Old Takes Down Monsanto In TED Talk


Very powerful Ted Talk where an 11 year old states some of the facts that we all should know. Unless we all start taking responsibility for what we eat and how it is grown companies like Monsanto will continue to thrive.


As Birke says either we pay the farmers or we pay the doctors.


“Let us remember, always, that we are the consumers. By exercising free choice, by choosing what to buy, what not to buy, we have the power, collectively to change the ethics of the business of industry. We have the potential to exert immense power for good – we each carry it with us, in our purses, cheque books, and credit cards.”

Jane Goodall, “A Reason for Hope”

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How to buy happiness

Is it important what you spend your money on in terms of your own happiness?

A stunning (and important) piece from Michael Norton at TEDx Cambridge — ‘Can Money Buy Happiness?’ Surprisingly the answer is ‘yes’ but in the most fascinating way. Uncover some great research and enjoy the fun way Michael presents it.



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