How the Wheel of Life can help you

More and more people you meet have an indefinite feeling of unease, that their lives might be unbalanced, that maybe they should change something. However they are not sure exactly what to do.

There doesn’t really seem to be a pattern as to who feels it, but there is a sense that things are not right. It is difficult to put ones finger on exactly what is not right, and people are not sure how to make the feeling go away.

It’s as if the tense music is building in a film, or like getting itchy feet. One description I heard: it is like a storm brewing and the longer that it brews the more you know that it’s going to be a dramatic one!

The result of this unsettledness is that everyone becomes more aggressive, introverted and scared as people become frustrated as they feel that there is no obvious solution. It is a feeling like having itchy feet with no destination in mind. Maybe this has lead to the profusion of self-help books.

This is where the Wheel of Life can come into its usefulness as it can help people work out exactly what areas of their life are lacking and what areas of their life need to be worked on in order to create a more harmonious balance.

The first step in using your “wheel of life” is to look at the picture below.

Note there are 8 sections to the wheel, namely

· Health and Wellbeing – maximum vitality,

· Finances – attracting wealth

· Relationships and family

· Lifestyle and Fun

· Personal Growth and development,

· Career

· Environment – Save our planet

· Spirituality and philanthropical goals


You then need to look at each heading and score yourself from 1 to 10 on how satisfied you are with this aspect of your life right now. Are you putting as much time, energy and attention into these areas as you would like?

Ask yourself the following questions

Health – How healthy are you? Consider weight, level of fitness, energy levels, diet, health awareness, being up-to-date on exams, etc. We all take our health for granted until it lets us down. How is yours? Do you look after yourself? Are you eating well? Do you get regular exercise? Having a long-term illness does not necessarily mean you need to give yourself a low score. The main thing is whether you are doing everything within your control to improve or regulate your condition. Do you exercise regularly? Does your diet support your wellbeing? Do you spend time with uplifting and positive people?

Spirituality – Are you satisfied with your place in the universe? This is not necessarily a religious question but more how you perceive yourself in the bigger picture of the world you live in.

Relationships – How satisfied are you with the relationship you have or don’t have? Note: You may be completely satisfied even if you aren’t in a significant/romantic relationship. Consider the key relationship you have whether it is with your boyfriend/girlfriend husband/wife/friend or family member. Where do you feel it is at? Where would you like it to be? Do you have a proven roadmap to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be in your intimate relationships in terms of love, joy, passion and excitement? Do you make time for friends and family? Do you support them when they need support? Are they there for you? Do you make sure you make time for them even when the pressure is on at work?

Lifestyle – This includes what re-creates your energy or spirit. Attitude is vital and can influence every aspect of your life. Is your glass half full or half empty? Are you a positive person who notices all the good things that happen and comes up with solutions when things don’t go as planned or do you always expect the worse and the worse always seems to happen? Do you spend time just having fun and enjoying life? Part of living a balanced life is to celebrate and acknowledge your successes. If you don’t play enough in life, when would now be a good time to start?

Finance – Consider income, savings, retirement, debts, and spending habits. This is not about how much you have but rather how you relate to money. There are some millionaires who worry themselves sick about money so might score very low here and others who have just enough to get by and simply go with the flow. A 10 is someone totally at ease with money whereas a 1 is someone so worried about money that it is creating huge stress and limiting them in all their actions. Are you creating the financial wealth in your life that you desire? Do you have a positive relationship with money? Do you create enough money to live the lifestyle that you want? Do you use your money to contribute to others?

Career – Consider your career selection, direction and current work. How is your career going? We spend a lot of time working so how is it for you? Does it excite you? Have you a clear idea what it is you want to achieve? If you are not working are you happy you know what it is you want to do and are taking steps to achieve this? Are you a 1 – you feel physically sick before you go to work each morning (and not because you have been enjoying the festive season too much) or are you a 10 – would you do your job without being paid for it? Are you in a job that really fulfils you? Do you maintain a positive attitude while working? Are you achieving the goals you set for yourself?

Physical Environment – Consider your home and work environments (and vehicle and wardrobe if you wish). How do these contribute or detract from your sense of satisfaction? Consider clutter, cleanliness and other factors such as color and décor that affect your sense of well being. Look at your life and ask yourself are you doing all you can to help the environment or are there changes that you could make to help the world. Do you spend time in nature? Is your environment free from tension and conflict?

Personal Growth – People who are truly successful commit themselves continually to learning and improving themselves. Are you a 10 – committed to learning as much as you can about life? Are you constantly experiencing new opportunities? Do you regularly read to learn and grow? Are you open to improving and stretching yourself? The fact that you are reading this demonstrates a certain level of commitment to develop yourself so you are not a 1 or even a 2. Do you do things to expand yourself and grow as a person? Do you actively look to become a better, more balanced person each day? Do you spend time with other people who are passionate about personal growth? All these things will make your life more joyous and complete.

Final Step

  • 10 – Completely satisfied. You couldn’t be more satisfied with where you are at this point in your life. You are right on track.
  • 5 – Middle of the road.. It’s OK, but there are many changes that you could make here.
  • 0 – Completely Unsatisfied.. You’d be much happier if everything about this category was completely different.

When you have written down a number for each section draw a line across each category area and you will have your own current wheel of life. Put a date on it and save it. It is not as important for each area to be a 10, the aim is for each section to be balanced with all the other sections, thus providing the symbolism of a wheel that will roll easily.


You can then ask yourself

· With my wheel in this shape how bumpy will my life’s journey be?

· What am I not paying enough attention to in my life right now?

· What is the easiest first step I can take now in the direction of what I want?

· Review your personal “wheel of life” regularly, at least every 6 months.

There is a theory that great periods of change occur every so often. These periods of change (e.g. the industrial revolution) take 50-60 years to complete. The crucial thing is that most of the change is concentrated into the last decade, the revolutionary change in the last few years. These periods of great change involve things that move the whole human race forward on their path – societal evolution.

There is of course, always resistance to change.

For some time there has been a belief by a number of people that a massive transformation of human society will soon take place. Many believe it has already started. This change will be like a renaissance of consciousness, not religious but more spiritual where humans will question what our existence means and why many of us have become so driven by careers and the pursuit of monetary wealth at the expense of other areas of our lives. This is portrayed in the Wheel of Life where so many people have an unbalanced wheel and it will not “roll properly” thus producing an unbalanced and unhappy life.

If enough people could become aware of concepts like “The Wheel of Life” and understand how to achieve balance in each of the areas, separately and combined it will be like the one hundredth monkey concept and produce a massive effect. the one hundredth monkey concept says an idea or ability will spread to the remainder of a population once a certain portion of that population has heard of the new idea or learned the new ability.

Humanity, at the moment is at the start of a massive change in consciousness and it is through everyone becoming balanced in their own “wheel of life” that this will have the most chance of success.

Over the next weeks, on this blog, we will be revealing steps that can be taken to help you achieve balance in each section of your own personal “wheel of life”.

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