What is the Wheel of Life?

“The Wheel Of Life” is an timeless metaphor found in many ancient cultures, representing the quest to achieve balance and oneness – within yourself, with other beings, with your physical environment, and with the Universe.

Yet most of us in the modern world have lost our connection with this ancient truth. Our connection with others and the environment is being steadily eroded.

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We are busier but less fulfilled”’

Know more people but have fewer deep relationships…

Wealthier but less able to enjoy and share our abundance…

Something has to give.

“The Wheel of Life” is the first step in a movement to take back the balance and harmony in all areas of our lives. It is a “Roadmap” to creating a more balanced and more compelling life.

“The Wheel Of Life” is all about reclaiming and owning a sense of balance that may be lacking from your life.

You may enjoy a great relationship with your kids but your finances are in a mess…

Or have more money than you could ever need, yet feel spiritually empty…

Or be putting long hours into your career but are not where you thought you would have been by now…

Each segment of the “Wheel Of Life” is inter-related – it’s absolutely essential that each section is in harmony with the other parts of the Wheel if you are to have a balanced and successful life. It is extremely difficult for change or resolutions to be successful if we do not have balance in our lives. Something will always happen to bring us back to our current status quo unless we are aware of this imbalance and consciously work to overcome it.

“The Wheel of Life” is a simple tool that is designed to let you evaluate your life and quickly communicate your perceived status in all the major areas of your life. “The Wheel of Life” allows you to determine whether you are focusing too much on one part of your life and so neglecting others.

“The Wheel of Life” looks so simplistic that it can’t have an impact, but its impact can be profound and deep. You can come to realise that feelings of general malaise can be overcome when you know which parts of your life to change to do this.

What you experience in your life is a result of your ability to consistently achieve balance and results.

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