Wheel of life

I have recently become involved with a group of people that have produced a life changing film that is following on from THE SECRET.

We recently watched the private viewing of the final version of The Wheel Of Life movie and have to say

“It delivers a WOW factor and keeps you watching throughout the whole movie.”

“This movie will definitely be a real winner”

Many people were impressed with the groundbreaking way “The Secret” asked questions and forced people to think about their lives. However, many people were left feeling

  • “What now?” and
  • “How do I really put this into practice?”

Now the answer is here! It is called,

The Wheel Of Life, –

“WHAT IF…everything you believed about life is wrong?” –

The Wheel Of Life, is an inspiring new documentary, produced by Robert Anthony, in the tradition of The Secret” and What the Bleep”. Based on the established concept of The Wheel Of Life, which represents the ever-changing cycle of all things, this film, using a powerful and ancient message establishes how to achieve greater balance, fulfillment and peace in your life today.

When your life is busy or all your energy and attentions are focused on one special project it is very easy to find yourself “unbalanced” and not paying enough attention to all important aspects of your life. Although it is necessary to have enough drive and determination to focus enough to get things done, sometimes we take this too far and this leads to frustration and stress. It is then that we need to stop and take a look at our lives as a whole and bring them back into balance.

The Wheel Of Life aims to do this, both with their new DVD that is to be launched this week and the follow up training that is to be launched in the new year.

The film The Wheel Of Life features over a dozen leading experts in health, wellness, spirituality, Neuro-linguistic programming and personal development as they explore the ancient symbol of The Wheel Of Life, (and its predecessor, The Circle Of Life) and how this metaphor can be used to bring about positive change in our lives and in our world.

Given THE SECRET reportedly sold 100,000,000 copies (the highest selling ever) it is reasonable to expect sales of The Wheel Of Life, will far exceed this amount, especially as the DVD is to be marketed to the very large databases of the presenters as well as to the general public.

Now is the time in our life to make people aware of alternate health treatments, the importance of whole food nutrition, of how to help the environment and how to relate to other people, plants and animals in their environment. We now have a tool to provide people with hope and to lift their self esteem to greater heights.

This time in history will become known as “The Age of Imagination”. Will you be a part of it or will you watch from the sidelines?

If you click on the book below you can visit this amazing website and

· pre-order your copy of “WHAT IF…”- The Wheel Of Life,

· purchase a Wheel Of Life Director’s Cut Edition,

· or sign on as an affiliate.

Be part of this great effort to “Pay it Forward” and help us help Robert Anthony to change the consciousness of the world and make it a better place for many people today.

I really believe this film will have a great place in history as part of the shift in consciousness that is sweeping the world today. Be a part of this change and sign up as an affiliate, pass the message on to as many people as possible and make some money for yourself in the process.

Announcing The Exciting New Life-Changing Film:

The Wheel of Life

“Join 18 leading pioneers in health, wellness, and personal development as they take you on a journey to rediscover ancient wisdom and unleash the innate intelligence within you…”


You Already Know the Answers – There is No Secret

As you will discover in the The Wheel Of Life, the truth is there is no “Secret” to life that you need to learn from someone else. All the answers and wisdom you will ever need to live a happy, successful and balanced life are already within you. All you have to do is awaken the innate intelligence and genius that lies within. That’s what your Life, is all about.

The Wheel Of Life Director’s Cut Edition On Sale Now

The official launch date of The Wheel Of Life, is scheduled for mid December 2008. However, you can pre-order the Director’s Cut Edition containing additional footage and exclusive extras right now for only AU$29.95 + P&H (a $20 savings off the Recommended Retail Price).

clip_image003Order now – the price of the Director’s Cut Edition will return to $49.95 after the official launch date in mid December.